Culture Hero: Jill Johnston Exposed

Special issue of MASTERPRINT about Jill Johnston created and published by Les Levine 1970.

Culture Hero has taken its special issue on: 'Jill Johnston: Exposed' and transformed it into a unique portfolio of twenty-eight fine art prints. Each page is 23 x 17 printed on heavy stock and is lithographed by aluminum plates, rainbow rolled over in over 150 colors. The pages are loose cut bound between cardboard covers with screw fasteners. The design is such that each page can be removed for framing. The first and last page of each book are signed in pencil by Les Levine.

For sale via auction. Bidding starts at $5,000. Please submit bid by certified mail to NYEBOE, P.O. Box 688, Sharon CT 06069, attn. Culture Hero. Highest bidder will be notified by certified mail.


Helen Ansel
Gregory Battcock
David Bourdon
James Lee Byars
Wynn Chamberlain
Remy Charlip
Rosalyn Drexler
Teeny Duchamp
Stephen Dunn
Barbara Forst
Suzy Gablik
John Giorno
Grace Glueck
John Gruen
Walter Gutman
Peter Hujar
Jasper Johns
Ray Johnson
Kenneth King
Fred McDarrah
Meredith Monk
John Perrault
Lil Picard
Brigid Polk
Yvonne Rainer
Barbara Rose
Hendrik Ruitenbeck
Aram Saroyan
George Segal
Willoughby Sharp
Marjorie Streider
Gene Swenson
Andy Warhol
Anne Wilson