ENGLAND's CHILD: The Carillon and the Casting of Big Bells

Hardcover $27.95 (386 pages, illustrated, index)
ISBN 0-932274-71-4; 13-97809322774717
Published by CADMUS EDITIONS www.cadmuseditions.com
Publication date: March 2008
5.75 x 8.5


A superb biography of the author’s father, Cyril F. Johnston, a foremost English bellfounder in the earlier half of the 20th century, who helped introduce the Carillon—the largest yet least known musical instrument in the world—to North America. It is also an erudite study of the Carillon, its history, its renaissance in tuning, and the dramas of competition in both English and American markets between Cyril Johnston and his compatriot rivals.


I have just DEVOURED your book--long anticipated, and well worth the wait. It's an incredible portrait of CFJ's life and times, as well as yours, of course. Thanks for your persistence and eloquence. The book is a treasure trove of knowledge for generations of bell enthusiasts to come.

Wylie Crawford

I received my copy of the book yesterday. I am very excited to have it, and it drew me right in. In fact, I can't stop reading it. The writing is elegant, sharp, focused, understated, ringing (sorry) with clarity. I understand what a huge achievement this book is on so many levels. I imagine a powerful, favorable response from the world. Congratulations!

Catherine Kehoe

The book is wonderful. I'm enjoying it as much as anything you've written, which is saying a lot.

Jim Fackenthal

A definitive biography of Cyrl F. Johnston, the distinguished Croydon bellfounder.

David Cawley

The book is very rich and very English in the writing!!

Susan Mesinai

Many of you will have heard of the famous English bell foundry of Gillett & Johnston. During the period between the Wars this [foundry] was probably one of the most prolific in the world, and the story of the man behind the company's success, Cyril F. Johnston, is an intriguing tale. Just published is a superb biography of Cyril Johnston, written by his [American] daughter Jill Johnston. You won't be disappointed--I haven't been able to put my copy down.

Richard Offen

I ordered your book from your website and have already started to read it with relish.

Mike Chester

Congratulations on a beautiful book. The paper is high quality, the illustrations lovely, and I am reading from page 1 to the end.

Marianne Sturman

I really found "England's Child" hard to put down. It is a mine of interesting facts and historical figures, like Philadelphia's famous Wanamaker family. A top read from cover to cover, the story of Cyril F. Johnston by his [American] daughter Jill deserves a place in all bell historians shelves.

John Maloney

Congratulations and appreciation for "England's Child." The book is a mighty accomplishment of research, discovery, history, psychology, and style. I've been reading it like Hansel and Gretel's delicious bread crumb trail, zigzagging forward and back to condense the overlay of events. The writing is never in doubt. It has an assured mastery that is only your inimitable signature, and that is always a thrill.

Kenneth King