JJ for Art in America

“Hardship Art” September 1984

(Tehching Hsieh and Linda Montano)

“A Change of Heart” June 1985

(review of S. Gablik’s “Has Modernism Failed”)

“The Punk Princess and the Postmodern Prince” October 1986

(Karole Armitage and David Salle for ABT)

“Family Spectacles” December 1986

(Interview with Robert Wilson)

“Jigs, Japes, and Joyce” January 1987

(Cage and Cunningham at BAM; Roaratorio: An Irish Circus on Finnegans Wake)

“Walking Into Art” April 1987

(Richard Long)

“Tracking the Shadow” October 1987

(“The Seasons” by Jasper Johns @ Leo Castelli Gallery)

“Intimate Moves” January 1988

(Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker @BAM)

“A Fluxus Funeral” March 1989

(Robert Watts’ funeral)
“Biography” 1989

(book review of Gretchen Gerzina, Carrington: A Life)
“Painting Charleston” December 1989

(The home of Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell)
“Biography” ? 1989

(Review of “Carrington: A Life.” by Gretchen Holbrook Gerzina)

“Trafficking with X” March 1991

(Jasper Johns exhibit @Leo Castelli Gallery)
“The World Outside His Window” April 1992

(Robert Rauschenberg’s ROCI @National Gallery)
“The Artist as Social Worker” February 1993

(review of Suzi Gablik, “The Reenchantment of Art”)
“John Cage: Music for Museums” January 1994

“Rolowholyover” @MOCA)
“Flux Acts” June 1994

(“In the Spirit of Fluxus;” and “Wedding in Denmark”)
“Picasso’s Visitor” November 1994

(Review of “Picasso and Dora: A Personal Memoir” by James Lord)
“Self-Portrait” March 1996

(Review of “The Diary of Frida Kahlo: An Intimate Self-Portrait”)
“The Cyclops of Fontainebleau” June 1996

(Jean Tinguely et al sculpture)

“Fifteen Artists at Rutgers” October 1996

“Rebel’s Memorial” March 1997

(opening of the Tinguely Museum)

“Tehching Hsieh: Hardship Art Revisited” September 2001

“Baryshnikov Dancing Judson” December 2001

“Billy Klüver, 1927–2004” March 2004

“Agnes Martin, 1912–2004” March 2005

“Airborne Abstractions” December 2005

(Jackie Matisse @ Zone: Chelsea Center for the Arts)

“David Bradshaw at Mad Brook Farm” December 2005

“George Brecht, the Philosopher of Fluxus” April 2006

(G. Brecht retrospective @Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany)