Mother Bound

Published by Alfred A. Knopf New York 1983

Calyx, Fall 1983
From this well-written and intelligent book we gain deeper insights into ourselves, and into a woman of vivid gifts who has lived a highly public life during the turmoil of change affecting most women's lives today..

Katherine V. Forrest

Literature and Writing, Fall 1983
This is Johnston at her best; incisive, analytic, lucid, amusing, revelatory, bringing feminist dogmas about gender and roles back out for public scrutiny, but enhancing and reinvigorating them through personal example. Mother Bound is a post-feminist book par excellence.

Katherine Weber

Boston Phoenix, 1983
A veritable avalanche of candor . . .

The new women's writing now has a major autobiography..

Kate Millet

Her change in style is a tribute to her mastery . . . daring in unfolding her mother's past. However, one expects Jill to be daring. Thank God, she never disappoints us.

Rita Mae Brown

An intimate detective story and a personal document of America in the 50s and 60s.

Gloria Steinem

This book must stand as an important document in the history of the second phase of feminism . . .

Stephen Trombley